January 2014 Better Business

White Hot
Looking to fulfill client requests for a treatment that helps heal dry and damaged hair, Guci Image, a full-service hair-loss center in Paramus, NJ,recently introduced She by So.Cap.USA’s White Devil Conditioning Treatment. The sinfully delightful in-salon hair restoration treatment uses an ironthat features infrared and ultrasonic technology, and in conjunction with She by So.Cap.USA’s Argan line, is designed to restore hair that’schemically damaged, dull, limp and static-prone. During the service, the iron is run over the hair in sections, sealing the treatment into the shaft andflattening the cuticle to leave clients’ hair visibly thicker, shinier, softer and more vibrant. “I use the White Devil Treatment due to the increaseddemand from women with damaged, dry and broken hair as a result of genetics, chemical treatments and hair straighteners,” says Joseph G. Lore,president and CEO of Guci Image. The service takes about one hour, and the results can last up to two months. Lore says the treatment has leftmany clients happy, improving their hair by repairing it from the inside out. For information about how to offer the White Devil ConditioningTreatment, visit socapusa.com. —C.R

Standing Ovation
The power of a makeover can go a long way for clients, but it applies to salons, too. CND founder Jan Arnold recently chose New York City’sEscape Skin Care Salon and Day Spa for the brand’s first Salon-O-Vation, a new program that rewards and elevates CND-loyal salons with acomplete renovation and upgrade. The midtown-Manhattan establishment’s owner, Emilia Borcan, has been a CND-loyal professional for more thana decade. “She views her success in the nail and beauty business as her American dream come true,” Arnold says. During the renovation, whichBorcan says went quickly, the salon remained open for business. “The furniture came in fast, and the painting took a couple of weeks,” she says.Along with a modern update, CND went to great lengths to maintain the salon’s cozy ambience the customers were used to. The 850-square-footsalon’s interior makeover includes a mural featuring CND imagery, stylish armchairs, Lucite manicure tables and comfortable pedicure stations.Borcan says Escape Skin Care Salon and Day Spa has seen a significant increase in repeat business and walk-ins since the renovation. “I hiredmore staff once we started working on the space,” Borcan says. “Business is growing, and I devote more time to clients and serve them in a nice,modern atmosphere. And it’s the first time in 10 years I’ve been able to take a vacation!” About Salon-O-Vation, Arnold says, “We have many high-quality salon pros who love CND and represent our brand and philosophies in their salons every day. We’re partnering with the best of them to say‘thank you’ for their loyalty and to help them get to the next level in their business success.” —K.H

Tech Crew For stylists looking to add something new to their toolkits, American Crew launched an updated version of its complimentary Stylist Appthis past October with three easy-to-use categories. The digital portfolio option allows stylists to email clients pictures of their finished looks and addnotes about the products used for future reference. Stylists can also edit photos and colors, including a black and white option, and save them totheir digital portfolios. Additionally, the app features the American Crew style selector image library of inspirational hair, available to both stylists andclients. The final category offers information about the complete line of American Crew products. Stylist App is available for download at the AppleApp Store, and American Crew plans to make updates to the app by February based on feedback from the All-Stars and Team Crew.americancrew.com —S.Z


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