Joico Announces Exciting Staffing Changes

Meagan Walker

There is a lot of excitement in the air at Joico, as they announce new staff changes. First, Joico is pleased to welcome Daniel Weissberg to the team in the position of Graphic Designer. Daniel comes to Joico with a strong background in design layout and typography. He will be responsible for designing packaging, promotional materials, brochures, and advertising for various Joico projects as well as working on branding for Joico sub-brands. Joico is also excited to announce that Meagan Walker has been chosen as  the new Territory Manager of the Pacific Northwest. Meagan has been supporting the Joico/ISO Minardi brands in various capacities for the last ten years-starting as an advisor and working most recently as a store specialist for the last three years. As Territory Manager for the Pacific Northwest, Meagan will be responsible for the sales and education activities supporting BSG West primarily in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Daniel Weissberg


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