Join Vivienne Mackinder for a 4 Day Photoshoot Workshop

One phrase Vivienne Mackinder likes to entrust to each student is to “work smarter and not harder.” The results speak for themselves. The students do just that. Taking an advanced educational class is certainly no easy task, but taking an advanced educational class with world-renowned talent such as Mackinder is a game changer. Mackinder’s next photoshoot workshop is scheduled for Oct. 2-5 in Riverhead, NY.

"What I love about our photoshoot workshops is that you have a solid education as the images come alive on the computer screen,” said Mackinder. "You work on your own shoot, with my art direction, and assist me on the day of my shoot. You receive education, art direction and images for your portfolio to promote your artistry."

This workshop helps stylists build their portfolios while teaching how to create a photoshoot from start to finish. Being a student at heart, Mackinder allows her student stylists to work freely beyond her guiding hand, faultier at times, and pick themselves up to create masterful work.


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The first two days of the Photo Shoot Workshop include a hands-on training preparing for the photo shoot. The third day the stylists work on their own photo look for their portfolio, and on the final day they work with Mackinder, assisting her as she creates her new collection.

You can purchase tickets hereReceive 10 percent off the price as well as a one-year all access membership to Please contact [email protected] or call 866-484-8622 for more details.

 Top reasons why to do a photoshoot with coaching and art direction:

  1. Learn how to see hair through the eye of the camera.
  2. Take your photos  from your phone and Instagram to the next level.
  3.  Learn how to create a collection from story board, casting the model and team.
  4.  Expand your creativity and come up with ideas.
  5.  How to market and PR your work to reach a broader audience.
  6. Get published and expand your value behind the chair.