Justin Bieber has Oribe Fever!

Justin Bieber has become a true musical sensation over the past year, and his signature shaggy locks have also hit a high note with fans, making his 'do one of the most requested styles amongst teenage clients. Now, his hairstylist, Vanessa Rose Price, shares one of the secrets behind the look: Oribe Rough Luxury molding wax.

"Justin and I love using Rough Luxury," Price says. "It delivers the perfect amount of separation when we are going for a messy look." She says that to get Bieber's style, she puts a small amount of the wax into his hair when it's damp, then once she's blow-dried his hair into a "frenzied mess," she works in more product, focusing on the ends for added definition. Says Price, "Rough Luxury is perfect for creating any of Justin's perfectly disheveled, undone looks."