Keratin Complex Offers Express Blow Out

In the past year and a half, I've tried two different keratin smoothing treatments on my hair. After both treatments, I loved the way my hair felt for months afterward, but I have to admit that the amount of time needed inside the salon to get this treatment is something I didn't look forward to. That's why I was so excited to learn more about and try first-hand the new Keratin Complex Express Blow Out. This professional-only smoothing service works by infusing natural keratin, a powerfully rich protein, deep into the hair cuticle. It offers clients the same smooth, frizz-free results that are achieved after a keratin treatment, but is designed for on-the-go clients. While it only lasts three to six weeks (instead of the three to six months that the keratin treatments usually last), this service also only takes one hour in the salon, instead of the usual three hours. What's also great is that unlike traditional keratin treatments, which can't be washed out for three days, this treatment allows clients to wash their hair after only eight hours. It's all these benefits and more that have me loving this new service.