Keune Feels the Love on the Set of The Romantics

Anna Paquin on the set of The Romantics

Anna Paquin on the set of The Romantics

Keune products are a big hit on the Long Island, NY, set of The Romantics, an upcoming comedy about college friends uniting for a wedding starring Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel. Set stylist Bobby Diehl has been receiving shipments of products from Keune's youthful new line, Blend, to shimmer and shape the Holmes' hair. Diehl uses Blend Revive Gloss, which completely reverses dry and damaged follicles and adds shine, and Blend Volume Sculpting Spray to enhance her fine hair everyday. Katie’s finishing touch? Keune Design Line Shaping Hairspray Extra, scientifically formulated to provide a flexible hold and natural-looking sheen. For Duhamel’s heartthrob hair, Diehl likes to apply Keune Power Paste, ideal for short or spiky 'dos, to hold the style while protecting and conditioning the hair. On Paquin, the stylist prefers Keune Phyto Protein Spray for extra-healthy fortification.


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