L’Oréal PPD Hosts Training Event for Regis Regional Artistic Directors

Attendees and Artists

L’Oréal PPD held its first-ever training session for 50 Regis Corporation regional artistic directors from May 14 to 17 at the Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables Hotel in Miami. The program was designed to educate salon artists on new L’Oréal tools and products. Matrix, Redken and Mizani each held individual education sessions taught by guest artists such as Nick French, Dan Csicsai and Ammon Carver.

After the first day’s welcome reception and registration, Matrix hosted a full day of training followed by an evening party for the three brands. Matrix introduced and provided technical training for its new product line Total Results and gave guests signed copies of General Manager Colin Walsh and Dr. Lew Lasoncy’s book “On." Redken and Mizani held their individual training sessions during the next two days.

The event was organized by Joy Meyers and Michael McDonough from Matrix, Patricia Engle and Sandra James from Redken and David Mohammed from Mizani. L’Oréal PPD is in the process of organizing a biannual training event. —Kristen Heinzinger


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