Leo Passage, Founder of Pivot Point International Passes Away

Leo Passage, the founder of Pivot Point International passed away yesterday at the age of 75. He was known for his focus on hair education and shared his passion with all who knew him.

Passage came to the U.S. from the Netherlands in the late 1950s after winning nearly 100 competitions throughout Europe. Passage opened Pivot Point Beauty School in 1962 in Chicago, IL, with just five students in his classroom.

After five decades, the Pivot Point system of hairdressing education has become an international standard taught in 80 countries, in 13 languages and in 300 Member Schools throughout the U.S. The Pivot Point system is also taught in South America, Puerto Rico and Canada.

In 2008, the L.E.O. Award was created to acknowledge the best and the brightest in the industry at Chicago’s annual America’s Beauty Show. The L.E.O. Award stands for Leadership, Education and Outstanding contributions to the profession.

Passage is survived by his wife Lenie, children Robert and Corrine, grandchildren and Pivot Point educators and graduates in salons and spas all around the world.

--Pearly Huang