Leslie Correa on Straightening Treatments


straighteners“I woke up this morning and my hair looks perfect! I didn't even have to touch it up with an iron or blow anything out.”


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After a lifetime of misery, I’m thrilled! I have soft, silky hair. The BKT made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life.” —Karen

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“My hair looks—and feels—great! I think my flatiron is feeling a little abandoned since I haven’t had to use it at all ...”Lori

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My quest for hair relaxing techniques and products is driven by comments like the ones listed above. The gratification that these ladies express is because they have been miserable with their hair texture and want manageable hair. This is what drives me to perfect my techniques for relaxing treatments. My purpose for doing hair is to make people happy.

There are several different options on the market for straightening and smoothing the hair. Here are the differences between relaxers, Japanese straightening and a keratin hair treatments:

A keratin hair treatment (or Brazilian Keratin Treatment) is the new miracle in hair smoothing systems. It is a conditioning treatment that transforms the hairs texture and shine. It can smooth and relax even the most damaged frizzy hair, and it makes the hair look and feel healthy for three to five months. Keratin treatments can be done on virgin, color-treated, highlighted and previously relaxed hair—the more porous the hair is, the better the result. Keratin treatments will gradually wash away and let the natural texture come back.

Relaxers and Japanese straightening work on rearranging the internal bonds of the hair to permanently straighten the hair. The new growth of the relaxer or Japanese straightening will always be curly, but the previously straightened hair will always stay straight. These treatments are perfect for the client who wants stick straight hair without having to do much of any styling for six to eight months.

If you have any questions for me about the different options for hair straightening, please write them in the comments below.

headshotLeslie Correa is a renowned hair colorist and hair-straightening expert who consulted for a Japanese company to create the next generation of Japanese straightener. He is owner of Capelli D’Oro 5th Ave Salon in NYC. As a platform artist and educator for salon professional companies, Correa is also frequently booked for fashion shows and movies and was a featured stylist in Australia’s Next Top Model.