This is the Life

Last year the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) held SalonLife '06 in Las Vegas, featuring speakers like financial guru Suze Orman, Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood and Bob Greene, Oprah's trainer and author of The Best Life Diet. It was an inspired idea: Give hairdressers the tools they need to succeed in life, as well as in business. The event is a bit pricey by industry standards ($395), but it's worth every penny. If you have physical pain, financial problems or severe stress in your life, building a rewarding and profitable career can be difficult. Recognizing this gap in salon education, the NCA filled it with a program that focuses on helping salon professionals find balance in their personal lives so they can build a strong foundation for career success.

If you missed last year's event, don't miss SalonLife '07, July 16–17 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. See page 166 in this issue for a complete list of speakers, including industry greats like Paul Mitchell's Robert Cromeans, Nick Arrojo, Redken's Ann Mincey and Creative Nail Design's Jan Arnold. You also don't want to miss the opportunity to see Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah's health expert; David Bach, another Oprah fave and author of Start Late, Finish Rich (I want to ask him if it's too late for me!); and Dean Banowetz, who gets everyone ready for their close-ups on American Idol. I actually met Banowetz last summer when our publisher, Brett Vinovich, and I had dinner with him in Las Vegas during SalonLife '06. Trust me, you are going to love him.

 Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz

Maybe he'll even talk about those hairstyles he created for Sanjaya on this season's American Idol. (Talk about the power of hair to create media buzz. I think Sanjaya got more press than Britney Spears for a while there.) I'm also dying to meet Dr. Oz, who is a vice-chair of surgery and professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University. He's better known as the co-author of books like You The Owner's Manual and You On a Diet. He's a big believer in self-reflection as a way of preventing heart attacks.

Dean Banowetz
Dean Banowetz


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SalonLife '07 is open to all salon professionals—owners, managers, stylists, nail technicians, estheticians and students. If you register before June 15th , you'll receive a free one-year NCA membership valued at $115. For more information on SalonLife '07 or to register, call toll-free 866/871-0656 or visit Don't miss out on an event that could change your life.

David Bach
David Bach

—Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief, [email protected]

The Way I Was

Like death and taxes, there's no escaping the bad perm. Richard Simmons has had more than his fair share, that's for sure. I had my "white man's Afro" in 1975, right after my daughter Erin was born. It seemed like just the thing for a busy mom on the go. All I had to do was step out of the shower, let it air-dry and go about my day. I don't think it's my best look, but I remember loving it at the time. Let's face it, we all want what we don't have. That's what keeps beauty professionals in business. My perm fulfilled every fantasy I'd ever had concerning my hair. In a nutshell, it made me look like I had some. —M.D.


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