Lighten Up

The future looks bright for clients with hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation, the darkening of the skin caused by increased melanin, is a growing concern among clients today. Overexposure to the sun, acne scars, hormonal changes and age can all contribute to uneven skin tone, according to Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage. Thanks to advances in skincare products, hyperpigmentation can be treated and prevented. Sarfati recommends that clients with skin discoloration use natural treatments and products. “Stay away from products and treatments with hydroquinone,” Sarfati says. “Utilize a brightening skincare regimen made with natural ingredients, like bellis daisy, kojic acid, glabridin and pelvetia canaliculata seaweed, which are found in the Biolight collection.”

The Biolight collection consists of eight products, including Brightening Cleanser, Brightening Daytime Protection Cream and Frost Bright Eye Contour Gel, which help reduce uneven skin tone and target hyperpigmentation before, during and after it occurs. “This collection is a natural and effective method to skin brightening, without damaging the delicate structure of the skin,” Sarfati says. Dermalogica’s new Power Bright TRx system is ideal for sensitive skin and also helps illuminate complexions while improving skin health. Similarly, Image Skincare recently unveiled Iluma, a line of six products designed to address pigmentation issues and treat aging skin. “Skin lightening products can help reverse this damage, protect the skin from future damage, and help retain a more smooth, even complexion,” Sarfati says.;; —N.A.


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