Live out loud

I just got back from Aveda Congress, held in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful time of year, with the trees blazing in fall colors and the air just crisp enough to let you know the season was on the verge of changing.

 Brett Vinovich
Brett Vinovich

You can always expect a terrific show and educational event if you attend Congress. Ask any of the over 3,000 attendees who packed the Minneapolis Convention Center. In addition to exciting presentations on the newest cuts and colors, one of the highlights of the show was a high-energy, high-motivation presentation by Amanda Gore. Australian-born Gore is a physical therapist with a degree in psychology who is now a motivational speaker dealing with such issues as connection, leadership, lifestyle balance, relationships and how to put the heart and fun back into business. She had the audience up on their feet the entire time with her presentation, "Live Out Loud," urging them to shun the negatives they encounter head-on and celebrate life instead.

Amanda Gore's whimsical points for listening to your heart while "Living Out Loud"
Amanda Gore's whimsical points for listening to your heart while "Living Out Loud"

With the holidays upon us, I think Gore's philosophy is a perfect segue into how we should handle ourselves at this potentially stressful time of year. Her "Live Out Loud" management system shows you how to manage life and your business the following ways:

  • CONNECT Here's how it works: You connect your head to your heart, your heart to other people's hearts, and then your heart to the heavens.
  • LET GO You need to let go of stuff, Gore urges. It makes you sick. So—build a bridge and get over it. Be a giver, not someone who sucks the very energy out of those around you. We all know who those people are; don't let yourself become one of them.
  • LAUGH Don't take everything so seriously. Instead, laugh out heals!
  • LOVE Angry hearts are sick hearts. Forgiveness is the antidote, the only road to a healthy heart. So, have a purpose. Feel like you belong. Be grateful for what you have, and for the opportunities ahead of you.
  • LEARN And while you're at it, says Gore, unlearn and relearn. Celebrate life, love and living. Ask yourself, "What's the best thing that happened to me today?"

Gore gave me an early Christmas gift by sharing her upbeat message, and in the spirit of giving, I hope I've been able to pass some of her enthusiasm on to you. To learn for yourself how to "Live Out Loud," visit, or e-mail [email protected].

Peace on earth.

—Brett Vinovich, Publisher American Salon, E-mail Brett at [email protected]