Looking Good

Andy Warhol, who I worked with back in my early days at Interview, once noted: "They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." And that's exactly what the incredible team at American Salon has done with our magazine for 2010.

Starting with our January issue, you'll notice a stylish redesign that is at once cutting-edge and classic. Creative Director Jeannie Oberholtzer and Associate Art Director Jessica Robbins poured their creative energies into crafting gorgeous layouts that not only grab your attention, but also are in an easier-to-read format—which busy salon owners have told us they appreciate in our many meetings with them across the country.

We also retooled the edit, giving beauty pros the information they want and need to flourish in the new decade. Our covers—the benchmark for the industry—will continue to set the trends rather than follow them. Inside, we've put a fresh spin on columns, adding "Viewpoint," an inside look at influential happenings and people in the industry; "Cover Look," designed to make hairdressers feel as if they were on-hand for the shoot; "Young Americans," which profiles up-and-coming professionals—the future of our industry; and "Final Cut," a parting shot that sparks the imagination. And speaking of fueling creativity, you can expect to see exclusive features from iconic artists around the globe—the ones who stylists look to for inspiration.

Our revamped sections will continue to be your go-to guide for communicating with and better servicing your clientele, all in a more inviting package. In "Notebook," you'll find stories on celebrities, movies, Web sites, music, health, fashion, books and pop culture; "Better Business" will cover such topics as marketing, retailing and public relations; and "In Studio" will include tips and techniques on cutting, coloring and styling, in addition to keeping you up to date on the latest salon products and service offerings. Now in its 133rd year, American Salon continues to be the signature of style. With all due respect to Andy, that's the one thing we haven't changed. "
—BRETT VINOVICH, publisher,
[email protected]