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ERGO's handmade ER500 scissors, featuring the "precision convex" blade, take advantage of new alloy tempering technologies. The five-inch cobalt alloy scissors promise to provide haircutters with the perfect combination of accuracy, durability and value, and should last for up to 10 years. 888/ASK-ERGO


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The revolve 5.5 shears from InfraShine are ideal for stylists who use slide or palm-cutting techniques. The shears feature a pliable thumb joint and an exaggerated offset to reduce thumb and hand fatigue. The convex/concave blade creates a long-lasting edge, and the pivot system is reversible for right- or left-handed use. 909/794-4756




The Centrix 6575 from Cricket Co. features an opposing handle, perfect for stylists who cut with their thumb and middle finger, and a multi-position finger rest, allowing for superior support for the little finger. They're made of triple-tempered stainless steel and are cryogenically treated to increase durability. 800/654-7032




The stainless steel alloy Curved Shears from Paul Mitchell are handmade in Japan and feature an ergonomically curved blade. Benefits include automatic convex and concave cutting ability, angled blades for easier scissor-over-comb cutting, and a flat screw system to keep the blade sharp and prevent loosening. 800/941-8999




All Washi shears have convex edges to meet the cutting expectations of any stylist. The company's Black & Rainbow Titanium Scissors cut softer and stay sharper longer, and feature a 360-degree rotating thumb. There's no need to worry about damaged goods; all Washi shears have a lifetime warranty. 800/871-7285




The German-engineered Jay2 #5.1 shears from Fromm International offer a short thumb handle angled slightly downward to ease strain and two soft finger-ring inserts for extra comfort. With ultra-sharp hollow-ground honed blades, the brushed steel shears are durable and ideal for slicing and slide cutting. 800/323-4252




Creating a textured and feathered cut is a breeze with Arius Eickert 8432-14 stainless steel shears. The 14-tooth blender has extra-large teeth reliefs for smooth cutting and pull-out. The shears are perfect for finishing off men's cuts, cutting feathered bangs, texture blending and creating other light and airy looks. 800/EICKERT





When closed, the spine of Bonika's Fishbone allows the shears to slither and fringe like a razor, with each side creating a different textural effect. The shears have gently curving blades for more movement when slicing and point-cutting, and a specially designed screw to allow the blades to lay closer together to prevent hair snags. 888/290-3393




The ADV shears from VIA San Francisco feature a new design that reduces thumb movement and offers a more narrow handle to make it easy to palm between cuts. The ADV also has a pivot lined with graphite Teflon to eliminate wear and tear, a leaf-spring blade stabilizer and, like all VIA shears, blades with state-of-the-art convex edges. 888/280-4842




Like all CHI shears, the 5.5" Offset Cutting Shears are handmade with the highest grade steel. The convex tip facilitates cutting and detailing. Honed and polished blades enable razor-sharp edges. They are sharpened by master shear-makers and have self-adjusting screws with spring tension sheets for smooth movements. 800/237-9175




Karg's K Regular shears feature a modern, ergonomic crane-grip handle and a reversible leaf-spring tension system that extends the life of the shear by stabilizing the blade over a wider area. There's also a removable finger rest and anatomically curved thumb for freedom of radial movement. Right- or left-handed use is possible. 877/917-KARG




The #69R from Antoine de Paris combines thinning and finishing capabilities, enabling you to cut and blend hair simultaneously to save time. Made from Japanese steel alloy and featuring an offset handle, they're part of the company's new Rockwell 60 line, which includes 50 styles of shears, each razor sharp. 800/222-3243


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