Lydia Sarfati Presents at 62nd CIDESCO World Congress

In today’s world, clients are becoming more conscious of body aging, and anti-aging treatments are increasingly popular, Sarfati noted. She addressed the common concerns associated with skin aging including hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity, and provided a live demonstration of full-body customization to target skin concerns ranging from cellulite  to hydration.

Sarfati and CIDESCO continue to educate estheticians and skincare professionals across the globe, and hosted sessions at IESCSC Florida on November 9 and 10.

About CIDESCO: CIDESCO is an international beauty therapy association represeting the highest standards of esthetics in more than 30 countires. To find out more about Cidesco visit


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Above: Menna Kleine of CIDESCO South Africa; Helene Weber-Bromwell of CIDESCO South Africa; Dianne Miles of CIDESCO Australia; Kyriacos Poupoutisis of CIDESCO Cyprus; and Lydia Sarfati of CIDESCO USA