Mad About Hue

Clearly, women have not cornered the market on hair trends. Men who want to make a fashion statement—and there are more of them than you might think, from big cities as well as smaller towns—are keeping pace with what's new and following the trends accordingly.

Kim Voe
Kim Voe

This spring, we're seeing two new looks sported by stylish males. The first is called "emo chic," which caters to a younger generation. The beachy, California look is named for the fact that it expresses emotions, and it was made popular by young skateboarders and surfers.

Zac Efron of High School Musical fame sports this look. To me, it says simple and upfront. Marked by long bangs that often fall over one eye, emo-chic hair is fresh and boyish. It's also clean, with a just-shampooed, no-styling-product-in-sight look. Think of it as the newest wave of "new wave." Efron's hair features the latest color trend that's popular in LA right now. It's called "dusted," and it manages to blend understatement with dramatic impact. Simply apply bleach to glove-covered hands and work it into the tips of the hair with your fingers. The idea is to gently lighten just the ends, so the client looks like he's been spending time in the sun, not in the salon.


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The new Kim Vo Salon in the Mirage Las Vegas features private grooming quarters for men.
The new Kim Vo Salon in the Mirage Las Vegas features private grooming quarters for men.

The other style trend we're seeing a lot of is called "neo-classic." Essentially, it's the grown-up version of emo chic. It, too, has a clean look—looser, longer, yet still professional—and no part of it is shaved or buzzed.You might want to retire those electronic gadgets for a while, because you just won't need them. This cut uses the old-fashioned scissors-over-comb method that barbers have been employing for generations. The result is all soft lines, a look that has been popularized by Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy and Oscar-winner Javier Bardem. (And we in the styling business will forgive him for the helmet hair he wore in No Country for Old Men.)

If your male clients are going gray, refrain from a global application of color. Instead, section off the hair and color the grays that pop up. You'll get a more natural look this way, and you'll also avoid altering the consistency of the hair that hasn't yet changed color. (As you well know, gray hair has a completely different texture, and responds to color differently than hair that still has pigment.)

Despite my claim that there is no evidence of products in these new styles, we know that's rarely true. In fact, men are no longer swiping their wives' and girlfriends' haircare products but are reveling in lines made exclusively for them. From shampoos and conditioners to styling aids and UV protectors, choices for men are endless. One of my absolute favorites is Go Clean by Redken For Men. This daily care shampoo gently cleanses, removes buildup, and leaves hair stronger and more manageable. Team it with Finish Up, a daily weightless conditioner.