Mad About Hue

As with every change of season, the onset of summer is a time when we hair pros are faced with a salon full of clients who are all clamoring for the same thing—hair that's new, different and fresh. They're focused on the proverbial fun in the sun, and they want a hairstyle that will withstand the rigors of UV rays, pools, dips in the ocean, bike rides, hikes and sweat; be easy to maintain; and look fabulous no matter what's on the agenda. Good thing we're just the folks who can provide it all.

Kim Vo
Kim Vo

This summer's hottest looks incorporate a full scale of high notes and low notes—a veritable symphony of color. When the weather warms up, I like to add three to four shades of lowlights and very subtle highlights to the hair. Among my favorites are butterscotch, chestnut, saffron and brandy, all available in Redken's Shades EQ line, a long-lasting, no-ammonia, demipermanent haircolor that glazes, refreshes or corrects both virgin and color-treated hair.

I always take my clients' hair darker in the summertime, since haircolor tends to blend and fade in the sun. Using several slightly deeper shades keeps the hair looking lively.


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As the days grow longer, easy and breezy, shorter hairstyles that are casual yet sophisticated are all the rage. If any of your clients are brave enough to part with significant length, one of the absolute edgiest cuts for summer is pure tomboy. Girls will be boys, and the look is nothing short of flirty and sexy. Mena Suvari, Katie Holmes, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Sharon Stone are all fans of the look. Likewise, Hilary Swank has shorn her locks, donating several inches of hair to a program that provides wigs for women who have lost theirs as the result of cancer treatments. Keep in mind that highlights are a must with shorter hairstyles to avoid the helmet-head look. Go for an understated effect using several coordinating shades.

Mena Suvari sporting the tomboy look that Kim Vo says will be all the rage this summer.
Mena Suvari sporting the tomboy look that Kim Vo says will be all the rage this summer.

In contrast, you can help long-haired clients go low maintenance by suggesting they try braiding their hair during the day and setting the resulting waves loose at night. For added curl boost, salt sprays are the way to go. Made with natural sea salt, they enhance both color and texture, and the result is loose, wavy, fabulous hair that doesn't require a lot of fuss.

Shine is essential during summer, so before clients leave the salon and head outdoors, don't forget to recommend products enriched with UV protection to promote healthy hair, as well as a smoothing balm—an absolute must for flyaways.

Have fun with the season's new colors and styles. And remember, your clients count on you to keep them on the cutting edge of style, and I'm here to help you provide just the melody and harmony they expect from you. —E-mail Kim Vo at [email protected].