Mad About Hue

Wigs sure have come a long way since grandma donned one to camouflage her thinning hair or to cover up her gray. These days, such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and the infamous chameleon Cher have all worn them. Wigs are also the perfect solution for clients who want to undergo a personality change for a special occasion, try a new style for a week or two, or maintain a fuss-free hairstyle while on vacation.

Kim Vo
Kim Vo

One of the great advantages of a wig over a color change is that your client instantly gets to see how the new shade looks next to her skin tone—the try-before-you-buy concept, if you will. A brunette who's been longing to be a redhead may gasp when she sees herself with titian locks, but express sheer delight when she swaps that shade for a sweep of caramel curls. Voila—no peroxide necessary. Think of the difference in color between a small paint chip and a large swath of color on a wall. You have to see the real deal to get the true effect.

At the wig bar in my Las Vegas salon, all the wigs are inspired by celebrity hairstyles. Next to photos of stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, you'll find wigs that duplicate their red-carpet style. It's a playful way for any woman from anywhere in the world to try on a taste of instant fame.


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Wigs can be a more serious proposition though, when required on a daily basis. For women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation, wigs can play a restorative role. For those dealing with thinning hair, the Raquel Welch line includes perforated wigs—just pull your natural hair through for an amazingly realistic and flawless look.

At the wig bar in the Kim Vo Salon in Las Vegas, clients can try on celebrity-inspired wigs.
At the wig bar in the Kim Vo Salon in Las Vegas, clients can try on celebrity-inspired wigs.

Extensions are another quick-change solution soaring in popularity. Why wait for hair to grow when it's possible to get instant length? Just take a look at how Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton and Jennifer Lopez have gone from fine to fabulous.

For those clients who prefer their own tresses, summer is a great time to feed the hair with an all-natural cocktail created to boost hair's shine and overall health. Try whipping up a customized "hair-tini" that invites each strand to drink up nourishment. For instance, at my Vegas salon, we offer the Mojito, which is made with deep conditioner, avocado and lemon oils and a splash of rum. The high sugar content of the rum seals the hair like an old-fashioned vinegar or beer rinse, imparting a high-gloss shine. Another option is the Lemon Drop, which blends deep conditioner, lemon oil and a drizzle of vodka. Experiment with proportions until you find the combination that you like best. And since I'm a firm believer in the power of the presentation, serve your hair cocktails on a tray and in a martini glass with a crystallized sugar rim and a garnish of mint or lemon. The idea is to find a fun, new way to provide a time-honored hair treatment that really works.