Mad Men: Recreate Betty & Joans Haircolor

Next Sunday, April 5 marks the beginning of the seventh and final season of AMC’s “Mad Men” and if there is one thing Don Draper and company have proven over the past six seasons (and decades), it is that vibrant haircolor never goes out of fashion. Although we will no longer invite our favorite Manhattan characters into our homes each week after this season, keep them around a little bit longer by recreating the looks of characters Joan (Christina Hendricks) and Betty (January Jones).

To recreate Joan’s vibrant red and Betty’s trademark blonde from our favorite Mad Men episodes, use Redken’s formulas featuring Chromatics and the NEW! Blonde Idol Professional Haircolor Collection.

To continue to protect haircolor after your service, use Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Haircare to seal in color and deliver maximum vibrancy and shine.


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Get the look: Joan Holloway

Natural Level 6

Zone 1

1 oz. 5C (5.4) Redken Chromatics

1 oz. 7C (7.4) Redken Chromatics

2 oz. 10 vol. Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

Zone 2

1 ½ oz. 7Cr (7.46) Redken Chromatics

½ oz. 5C (5.4) Redken Chromatics

2 oz. 20 vol. Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

Get the look: Betty Draperimage005.png

Natural Level 6 Dark Blonde

Zone 1

1 oz. Natural (.0) RedkenBlonde Idol High Lift Conditioning Cream

2 oz. 30 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

Zone 2

1 oz. Beige (.13) Redken Blonde Idol High Lift Conditioning Cream

2 oz. 40 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

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