Makeup Artist Noreen Young Shares Tips for Getting the Most Out of Attending Industry Shows

Noreen Young
Noreen Young

Noreen Young

Show season is almost upon us and starts with the International Beauty Show and the IECSC show in New York City. If you haven’t gone in a while or never gone, perhaps now is the time to make plans for a fabulous 2010 for your career and beauty business. If you are hungry for inspiration, education and new ideas to get you going, go to a show! You’ll be inspired.

Words of wisdom: Try not to do the same old thing as you have done before—spice it up. Go to an advanced education class. See and learn what’s new. Consider and attend all the performances at a show and as many classes as you can. Just because you do hair doesn't mean you can’t learn some makeup tricks. Just because you are an esthetician doesn’t mean you can’t partake of a hair and makeup trend class. It’s all about learning something new and keeping up to date. Your loyal and new clients deserve it! Here are a few more tips for making the most of a show:

Practical tips for staying comfortable at a show

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t a time for trendy sexy or uncomfortable shoes. Bring an extra pair if you must and enjoy them when commuting and walking the show floor. Your feet will hurt. There is so much to see, do, attend and enjoy! Especially in the heart of my hometown, NYC.
  • Bring a sweater, jacket or a long scarf. If the classrooms are too cold, you have a wrap to put on
  • Bring a tote or roomy briefcase to hold the materials and free samples you collect and anything else you might buy.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you, crackers, apples or bananas. They will keep you hydrated and help you to snack until you have a real sit down meal.
  • Be sure to have a notepad for quick notes, a pencil or pen, too.
  • Do research on the Internet to see what classes and vendors will be there. Sign up early and you will save money on classes and admission tickets.
  • Bring your business cards; you never know whom you will meet. You may even get a freelance job from it. (I have.)

Strategies for how to walk a show floor:

  • Have a beauty grocery list handy with the booth numbers you want to see first, especially if they are your regular vendor. This is helpful to get them out of the way.
  • Next, walk the other booths and stop at the booths that interest you.
  • Always ask if they have show specials. (Examples include free shipping, discounts on your entire order or gift with purchase. If you get lucky sometimes, they have all four.)
  • Ask for a free sample.
  • Always look at booths you are even remotely interested in and get their business cards or brochures. You never know whom you would like to do business with later. Create a file of future possibilities.
  • Buy something new for you—treat yourself to something fun!
  • Buy a new addition of merchandise and bring back to your clients. New merchandise is exciting! Show and tell and you will sell. If you do not, you have nothing to share with your clients other than techniques and information. If you do not have, it they cannot buy it, or they will find it elsewhere.
  • Be on the lookout for specials and closeouts that can be perfect holiday or thank-you-for-your-business gifts for your clients.

A few words on speakers and classes:

Most speakers donate their time to educate unless they work for a manufacturer or are doing a special paid workshop. Each speaker has his or her own style. Each has something special and wonderful to offer you and your business. Some will be very clinical and serious and some educators are fun, think outside the box, and are very creative and spur your imagination. Sometimes their personalities will not mesh with yours. However, they all bring something to the table and deserve your respect and appreciation. They are devoted to educating you and are some of the beauty industry's best.

Classes not affiliated with a manufacturer entail generic education, tips, tricks and techniques. Classes sponsored by manufacturers keep you informed about the company's products and sometimes include news on technology. They often have giveaways and specials. Many classes are free with admission, so make sure to take advantage of this. Advanced or hands-on classes are available for a separate fee and are usually in three-hour formats. Want to attend a paid lecture but need to learn more? Simply ask the conference office if you may e-mail or speak to the instructor directly.

Shows are a combination of business, networking and pleasurable fun. Be open and you’ll get inspired, pumped, learn more, earn more and be the best you can be! It will rock your business and world. I promise. See you at Questex Media’s fabulous shows in NYC and Las Vegas, and in Chicago and Orlando 2010?