Makeup Professionals Get Organized with the Z Palette

As a celebrity Makeup Artist, Zena Shteysel has created glamorous looks for starlets including, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne and Melissa Joan Hart, just to name a few. Currently, she is head of the makeup department on the hit show, Dancing with the Stars, recently winning an Emmy for her artistry. Like many other professional makeup artists she is all too familiar with the enormous makeup cases, excess products and bulky packaging that could wreak havoc on the job. “I’d spend hours consolidating, organizing and transferring things into smaller containers and palettes, just to make my makeup case lighter and more efficient,” Zena explained. I’d organize and re-organize, anticipating every shadow, brush, or sponge that I’d need for my client. Despite all the streamlining, it was still difficult to find exactly what I was looking for and I’d often forget what I actually had in the midst of all my piles of products.” To simplify things, she designed the Z Palette, a customizable makeup palette. The Z Palette is an exclusive universal case with an open magnetic bottom to fit color pans of every size. Eye shadow, blush, creme and powder can be stored in one place so that any makeup professional can personalize the palette based on his or her wants and needs. Reducing the need for packaging, the palette is environmentally friendly and is also available in fun prints and colors, making it a stylish accessory.


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