Making History

The hairstyles in this collection, which were inspired by the long-lived Byzantine Empire, leave a lasting impression.

The Byzantine collection by Misha Belfer, international creative director for GKhair, features updos inspired by the rich and opulent Byzantine Empire. Featuring large and exaggerated shapes using GKhair styling products, the updos are embellished with gold accessories to highlight the culture of the era. “Being originally from Russia and using my exposure to art and architecture of the period were imperative to creating this collection,” says Belfer. What’s more, he collaborated with fashion stylist and makeup artist Charlie Price to create the looks seen on these pages. “It was great fun to work together with Misha on this project,” Price says. “He is funny, smart and talented. I loved seeing his take on up-styling and putting together the fashion and makeup to set off his romantic creations.” —Nicole Altavilla >

Photography: Melanie Watson; Makeup: Charlie Price; Fashion Styling: Charlie Price


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