Matrix's Ammon Carver to Star in Two Commercials During Tabatha's Salon Takeover

Ammon Carver

Matrix Artistic Designer Ammon Carver will be seen multiple times during the season finale of Tabatha's Salon Takeover on February 21—but he's not starring on the show. In the one announcement spot, Carver will be speaking out against diversion, explaining that salon products purchased from non-salon outlets like discount stores, drug stores and websites could be unreliable, offer compromised performance and/or cost more than the salon price.  He'll also urge viewers to rely on their salon professionals for the best and most dependable product recommendations, saying, “When it comes to making your hair look and feel fabulous, no one knows how to do it better than your stylist,”

“We felt that Tabatha’s popular show was the perfect vehicle for a straightforward discussion of the importance of professional product recommendations and of purchasing these products from authorized salons,” explains Matrix Assistant Vice President of Integrated Communications Patrick O’Keefe.

In another commercial, which will air three times throughout the show, Carver will use his innate wit and accessible charm to tell the audience about his passion for doing hair and introduce them to the restorative and moisturizing properties of Biolage Hydrathérapie products. He'll share that he only recommends products that he believes in for maintaining salon-luscious hair at home, and always confidently recommends Biolage. The spot ends with an invitation for viewers to visit to obtain free Biolage Hydrathérapie samples. With Hydrathérapie, Carver promises, salon clients can “kiss dry goodbye!”

“Tabatha’s show attracts a large audience that is captivated by professional beauty and the salon world,” comments Matrix Assistant Vice President of US Marketing, Cassandra Battista, “and we know that there  will be an especially large audience for the season finale.  So we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce two of our ‘stars’ to a wider audience—Ammon and Biolage hydrathérapie, and to invite them to experience the amazing product performance for themselves for themselves when they visit the Biolage website for a free sample!”