Meet Redken's #RTeam

Welcome to the next generation in dream teams. Senior Social/Digital Editor Courtney Bright talks to Redken’s #RTEAM, six influencers known for their hair artistry and strong social media presence, who will attend special events, test new launches and support social media activations, sharing what they’ve learned with their audience. Introducing Cassandra McGlaughlin (@cassandraplatinum), Gina Devine (@gina.devine), Ryan Pearl (@ryanpearl23), Elizabeth Faye (@beautybyelizabethfaye), Lyndsey Palumbo (@lyndseyteresehair) and Jean Pierre Sosa (@jeanpierresosa).

Q You’ve made a name for yourself as an artist in the online community. How do you make your work stand out? 

RP: It’s important to show different lighting and angles so there’s variety in the posts. I also like to occasionally post a picture of myself so it still feels personal. 


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LP: I tell a story through my hairstyles and put so much personality into them. Being a hairstylist in Los Angeles, I have many avenues in the hair industry. I have a wide variety of work to show from: film and TV, styling, cuts, colors and, my favorite, avant-garde. In any situation, I have learned that the relationship between you and your client is the most important part in standing out and leaving you unforgettable.

EF: I think one of the best things I did was taking the time to share information and my personality in my captions. Share your formulas, your “why” behind the technique and details about your life in the salon. People love to see bits and pieces of your world.


Q What’s it like to be part of Redken’s very first social media team?

GD: When Redken approached me, I was surprised. I don’t fit into the runway fashion aesthetic, so at this moment for me it is still slightly enigmatic. Nonetheless, I feel blessed to meet such talented artists and individuals, and am thrilled to be a part of a larger industry conversation.

LP: This opportunity has reassured me that hard work pays off and my dreams were never too big to accomplish. There are six of us on the #RTeam and when we first met each other we all bonded so organically. It’s such a great feeling to be a part of a team and be surrounded by incredible artists. 


Q  What’s your favorite platformand why?

CM: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. It’s photo driven. It’s like an online portfolio, and I feel like it provides an immediate picture of who we are as hairdressers. 


Q How would you describe your online brand?

GD: I share my love story with my husband, with my art, my intimate feelings about the world, my struggles with anxiety and my love for the women in my chair.

JPS: My brand has definitely moved in the direction of being all about blondes. I love doing all kinds of color, but my blondes are what people come to me for.

EF: Organic, modern and simple. I love negative space in my photos and want a clean feel with hints of organic greenery and muted ashy colors.

LP: My Instagram page tells my journey from beginning to present. Anyone who looks at it can get an idea of who I am, what my style is and the variety of work I have done. It’s a modern-day resume, website and portfolio all in one.

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