Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

The inspiration for Chris Benz's fall 2011 show was ghosts of Savannah, so haunting hair and makeup ruled the runway. John Ruidant for Redken created wispy, "witchy" waves using a curling iron and some back-combing. "The main thing is getting texture in the hair," Ruidant said while applying Rootful 06 and blowdrying the hair. After spraying Hot Sets 22, he used a curling iron to add in waves. He wrapped the hair around the iron one and a half times in one direction, then once in the opposite direction a little ways down, then used the iron to straighten the ends. Once the hair was cool, he brushed the curls through and back-combed the hair with his hands. He finished the look with Forceful 23 for hold.

Lead artist for Lancome Daniel Martin looked to channel PJ Harvey in the 1990s for the makeup look. "Her voice is so haunting," he explained, "but she's also very cool." He kicked her signature blue eyeshadow up a notch by using metallic shades from two new Lancome palettes, Teal Flurry and Mauve Cherie, which he applied with his finger. "I want it to look a little DIY, a little off, because the clothes are so finished." He lined the inner lid with black liner and had the models squeeze their eyes, letting the tears produced move the liner a bit for a messy finish. He finished the eyes with a couple coats of mascara. He left the rest of the face relatively bare, with just some sculpting on the cheeks (he used Mauve Coquette) and a neutral lip.