Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Diesel Black Gold

The Diesel Black Gold fall 2011 collection mixed a military vibe with a certain softness. To complement the clothing, Creative Consultant for Redken Guido and makeup artist Pat McGrath for Cover Girl designed beauty looks that were cool and sexy and a little rough around the edges. Guido used Redken Rootful 06 in dampy hair to add some texture,  then let hair air dry. He created a clean low side part to counteract the overall slightly disheveled style, then sprayed a lot of hairspray to mold hair over one eye and achieve the desired grittiness all around. "It's very modern to use too much spray and too much product," Guido said. "It's a little boyish, but still sexy." Although most styled aim for fullness, Guido went for the opposite. "Sometimes finer hair actually looks cooler," he explained. "It's not always about volume." For models with a lot of hair, Guido created hidden French braids underneath the top layer of hair to take off some of the weight. He finished the look by tucking the hair into the clothing in random places to, as he said, "give it some personality."

Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath created a look that was "very natural and a little rock 'n' roll—the ways girls look today." She did an easy smudged black eye using shadow and pencil and a lot of Nature Luxe Mascara, but avoided elongating the eye. The skin was simply perfected and the lips were kept nude.