Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Rag & Bone

Downtown at the Rag + Bone show in SoHo, amid the cacophony of hairdryers and a team of twenty stylists, Guido was creating hair that was simple, youthful and playful which helped to offset the texture of Rag & Bone's 2011 Winter collection which, according to Guido, "had a lot going on." What Guido conceptualized were styles that were soft, pretty and feminine. "The hair needs to be youthful, playful and not thought about too much," he said. Imagining a girl in her bedroom, possibly daydreaming, Guido created three classic braids on each side of the head for the look --but stressed that they were not to be perfect. He braided the sections loosely, securing the ends with a clear elastic band and then softly loosened the look by pulling at the top of the braid. Sections pulled from the the hairline peeked through underneath and were kept out of the braid. Since he was going for "believability" Guido didn't go overboard on products--opting instead for Redken's Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner and finalizing the look with Redken 23 Finishing Spray.