Mercedes-Benz Fall ‘11 Fashion Week NYC: Venexiana

For Venexiana’s fall/winter 2011 collection, Philip Pelusi, founder of Tela Beauty Organics, created a stunning Venetian topknot. “It’s like a French twist but with a difference,” explained Pelusi. “So many of the clothes in this collection have a Venetian feel, but I also wanted some height to the hair.” To achieve the style, he prepped the hair with Tela Beauty Organics Composer for more control and texture. Next, he pulled half of the hair at the back into a low ponytail and teased it. He then teased the top, front half of the hair and gently brushed it back towards the ponytail to begin an upwards French twist secured with pins along the way. To finish, Pelusi finger-combed and pinned any fall outs at the crown for a neat and elegant finish. —Clarissa Nebuya


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