Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week NYC: Chris Benz

This season Chriz Benz delivered his signature color-and-texture extravaganza. Full skirts pumped up with ample pleats and layers of tulle, cropped jackets either in fur or fuzzy wool and the ever-present bold prints made a definitive statement, but somehow found the perfect balance of quirky and modern. Not surprisingly, the avant-garde designer wanted the hair to match the modern deconstructed 1960s vintage. In what Nick Irwin, TIGI's European creative director, called “a sort of trashy, quirky take on the classic interview where the drunken Judy Garland rambles on and on, we wanted that kind of wickedness to the hair.”

Irwin executed the modern, undone version of a beehive by using acrylic wigs with strong curls and deconstructed them, using nearly an entire can of TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo on each. He then backcombed them using a Mason Pearson brush to create a matte, vintage look. With one stylist holding a blow dryer, he used his hands to matte down the sides and sprayed the whole head with Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray to hold the volume in place.

Before Daniel Martin led the Lancôme team to match the edgy look, skin was first prepped with the ultra-hydrating Intraceuticals skin treatment. Intraceuticals was recruited to create the “perfect canvas for the makeup to come.” Martin said. Referred to as the instant gratification minifacial, models’ faces were first cleansed with Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel, followed by Daily Serum. When massaged into the skin, botanicals, vitamins A, C and E and a smoothing hyaluronic acid complex penetrate the skin, infusing it with moisture and adding volume. Finally, Moisture Binding Cream was worked into the skin to seal in moisture, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create an overall refinement to the texture, tone, and radiance.


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Once prepped, Martin wanted to create an ombré effect along the lid with an assortment of silver and gray eye shadows. The team then contoured the face with dark shades and highlighted the cheekbones, nose, and jaw line with an illuminating shade. To keep the focus on the eye, lips were made peachy pink with a nice sheen. Meanwhile, the Lancôme team was squeezing around the tight hallway, painting the models’ nails with three shades, either grayish lavender, reddish brown or a creamy gray shade. Not only did the color keep you on your toes, but so did the finish. Some nails were treated with a matte finish, while others were given a glossy  topcoat. —M.R.