Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week NYC: Preen

Designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi created a vintage revival of sorts with the Preen fall 2012 collection, which they said, “harkens back to the 60’s couture silhouette and color blocking.” Inspired to create a carefree woman who captures the essence of sporty spunk, Lead Stylist Paul Hanlon for Aveda, created a windblown shape that contrasts in texture and style.

To create the haphazard, weathered look, Hanlon applied a liberal amount of Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam throughout damp hair. To achieve the rough, dry texture, he then dried hair with a Mason Pearson bristle brush. Next, he added Pure Abundance Hair Potion to the roots for a dusty dry look. “It gives it that outdoorsy, sporty look, like she might have just come from a walk through the hills,” Hanlon said. Starting at the nape of the neck, he loosely backcombed hair into messy sections,. Using a brush to gently backcomb the remaining strands on top of head, he created a center part at the back of the head to separate it into two vertical sections. He tied those sections into a single knot on shorter hair and double knot on longer hair. He used no plastic bands, but let the hair hold itself, with loose strands hanging free. Shying away from letting the style appear romantic, he styled the loose ends upward and back and sprayed them with Air Control Hair Spray while blow-drying to create the windblown effect. He then applied Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade to a 2-inch section of hair at the hairline and incorporated a comb to sweep the section of hair back from the hairline. Intentionally leaving comb marks to “add sense of maturity with the accessory, yet youthful naivety in the way it’s been done,” Hanlon said. To finish, he used Air Control Hair Spray to lock “savage” style in place. —M.R.


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