Mercedes-Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week: Band of Outsiders

The oversized knitted hats designed by Scott Sternberg provided a cohesive element in his Band of Outsiders womenswear Fall 2013 collection, bringing together a mix of polka dot and plaid prints, knitted sweaters and ankle-skimming dresses. These navy, black and gray brimmed caps, cozy enough to keep the models warm had the women also been sent on a scavenger hunt around the city, provided the inspiration for the hair and makeup looks.

Duffy, lead stylist for Oribe Hair Care, has styled hair each season for the line based on “a girl walking down the street, who you can relate to and is as cool as can be.” This season that cool girl on the street has hair tied up in a knot, literally, to imitate the chunky, twisted weave of the toppers. To create the style, Duffy soaked hair in Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray and Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray before blow-drying with a diffuser for a broken, organic texture. The alcohol content in the Maximista was extra-drying, so strands appear raw and lived in. He then grabbed the outer two sections of hair and tied in a double-knot at the back of the head and secured with a few pins, leaving a few strands loose around the face and a section down the back.

Dick Page, lead makeup artist for Shiseido, focused on the brim of the hat and drew his inspiration from the shadow it cast on the forehead. “It’s the most ridiculous interpretation of a smoky eye,” Page said. He applied a mixture of Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow in Sable and concealer in a large “faux shadow” oval extending from the bridge of the nose across the cheekbone to the top of the forehead. For a pop of color he applied Perfect Rouge in Showgirl, a bright true red, using a fluff brush so the line is not crisp. To complete the beauty look, models’ nails were polished in a deep cranberry hue.—Jennifer Barnes


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