Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Mark and Estel

Backstage at Mark & Estel’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, their Old World yet edgy theme was perfectly captured in the models’ slicked back, voluminous hairstyle. Hairstylist Niki Walker and her team used Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Neuro collections to create the look.

They started by applying HydroCream Whip throughout dry hair, then blow-drying to help the strands expand and add volume. Then, they sectioned out the hair using the Teasing Brush and divided the hair into top and bottom sections. For the bottom, they sectioned off a V-shape piece on the crown of the head and tied it with an elastic. To create the smooth sides, they made a diagonal part and pulled it back to the tied section and repeated on the other side. They used Finishing Spray to catch all the little hairs and spritzed Shine Spray once the bottom part was completed. For the top section, they used the Teasing Brush to brush hair backwards in sections to create volume. The hair was pulled over the elastic and smoothed out the back, and the key here was to create a stark contrast between the front and back. The Texturizing Sea Spray helped create extra volume, and they used Treat Oil for finishing touches.

To contrast the edgy hairstyle, Zoya painted the models’ nails with Chantal, the lightest shade in their new Naturel collection. Chantel is designed to complement any skin tone, and the shade creates a nice, neutral nail that doesn’t dry too ashy or sheer. This creamy collection is perfect for the current season, when winter isn’t quite over yet but spring feels like it’s still a few months away. 


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—Sarah Sin