Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Benjamin Puckey created a dramatic cat-eye for the Karen Walker Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Puckey and his team used Tarred Cosmetic Colour Pencil and Gel Liner on the eyes, both available in the fall 2014. The cheeks were flushed with Lip Tar: Matte in Psycho and Clockwork, lips were stained with a mixture of Lip Tar: Matte in Kava Kava, Psycho and Clockwork and the complexion was evened out with Tint: Tinted Moisturizer and Skin: Conceal. 


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Lottie Stannard for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics described the look she created for designer Erin Fetherston’s latest collection as “a modern take on a classic ‘60s look.” She used Lip Tar: Matte in Lament, available fall 2014, to stain the lips; John Doe and Bauhaus Creme Colour Concentrates and Black Pure Cosmetic Pigment to accent the eyes; and Newt and John Doe Creme Colour Concentrates to add a touch of color to the cheeks. She blended Tint: Tinted Moisturizer and Skin: Conceal onto the skin to smooth the complexion.

Chromat’s striking Fall/Winter 2014 collection was accented with Courtney Tichman’s bold brows and lips for the show. Tichman and her team used Lip Tar: Matte in NSFW to create the powerful lips and Sybil and Pennyroyal Cosmetic Colour Pencils for the exaggerated brows. The cheeks were brushed with Newt/Grandma and Mercury Creme Colour Concentrates, in addition to Ironic and Iced Loose Colour Concentrates on the cheeks and body. Once again, they used Tint: Tinted Moisturizer and Skin: Conceal for the complexion. Nichole Allegre used Tarred nail polish to complete this look. 

—Sarah Sin

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