Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Ostwald Helgason

For Ostwald Helgason designers Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgasovery, excitement was in the air as they made their fashion week debut. As they walked down the runway, the models were blank canvases for the art-inspired clothes. Lead Hairstylist and Oribe Educator Ramona Eschbach created simple, center parted looks to complement the collection, and depending in their outfit, hair was either floating behind the shoulders or put in a low ponytail. “We put the hair behind their ears, but I let a few strands come forward because I always think it’s nice when the hair has a little movement in a show,” Ramona explained.

“Even though it’s a really natural look, we had to get the texture consistent for every girl, and that’s where the products came in,” Ramona said. She applied Oribe Spray Foundation Mist from roots to ends and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil to the ends.Hair was very natural with a bit of texture and movement.

To work with the natural hair, Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics, Victor Cembellin, envisioned “healthy never been touched skin, but with a raw toughness.” To achieve the look, he applied MAC Brightening Serum and MAC Face and Body Foundation to the face. For the eyes, he applied a bronze color called Coquettish from the MAC Trend Lip Palette and MAC Brown Mascara to the eyelashes.


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