Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week: Zang Toi

Designer Zang Toi’s attention to detail was present in the intricately beaded gowns and gorgeous jade accents from his Fall/Winter 2014 collection, and he partnered with hairstylist Eiji Yamane of Eiji Salon to amp up the glamour on the runway. Toi’s latest collection was inspired by Shanghai in the 1930s and Art Deco style, blending different cultures and time periods to create his dramatic and beautiful collection.

Using René Furterer products including Styling Wax, Glossing Spray and Vegetal Finishing Spray, Yamane crafted a glossy and sultry coif with a looped bun at the nape of the neck.

“We wanted to update and bring 1930s Shanghai to 2014. This woman is glamorous, sexy, beautiful and a little dangerous,” said Yamane. “The hair is perfectly coifed and seductive. The hair has a very socialite look,” added Toi. 


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—Sarah Sin

Photo Credits: John M. Craig for René Furterer