Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ‘10 NYC: Victor de Souza

Being at the Victor de Souza show was like stepping into the future--or onto another planet. Inspired by the shape of the designer's couture clothes, lead stylist Danilo for Phyto created a "sculptural updo with a dramatic silhouette. " Because many of the gowns had high backs, Danilo wanted to get all the hair off the neck. He used Phyto Sculpting Gel, Wet Gel and Flexible Hairspray to pull the hair into a perfect bun, then attached faux hair to build a structural piece on the top of the head that echoed the shape of each model's face shape. He also crimped strands on the side of the head before pulling them into the updo to create even more texture. "It's all very alien chic," he said.

The makeup from Lena Koro for NARS was also striking and futuristic. "She looks like a girl from another planet," said Koro, who gave the models a very pale face and blocked out their brows for an almost white backdrop. The eyes, which were fitted with pitch-black contact lenses, were heavily lined to make them look very open and the lips were left bare.

The nails continued the alienlike theme. The CND team came prepared with long, rounded press-on nails that had been painted with a combination of Pink Lily and Copper Chrome and topped with Super Matte for a hue that was almost white. Because de Souza wanted the nails to look "slightly off," they were attached to the fingers at the top knuckle, adding length and a slightly unsettling feel.


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A closer view of Danilo's sculptural updo

A closer view of Danilo's sculptural updo