Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 NYC: Diego Binetti

It was a lot a bit rock 'n' roll at Diego Binetti’s fall 2013 presentation at the Westbeth Gallery today, with a collection of clothes tailored to a young, cool girl that featured sequins, mixed patterns and gloves of all lengths. Oribe Hair Care hairstylist and educator Adam Livermore fashioned the hair for a simple but edgy look. “Diego wanted a finger wave at the top and straight on the bottom,” he told me. To keep in line with the designer’s vision, Livermore did not pin the hair and let it flow loosely, leaving all ends and the back of the hair straight and using a Marcel iron to give the front and topmost sections a wave, intended to add a bit of romance. He relied on Maximista Thickening Spray for the matte and rough texture of the straight strands, and Dry Texturizing Spray was applied to the waves. The element of surprise, Livermore said, was the splash of 24K Gold Pomade at the top back of the head.

Repêchage was on scene to prep models’ skin before any makeup was applied. Algo Mist was sprayed on the face, followed by Hydra Dew Moisturizing Day Cream for the model’s with dryer skin and T-Zone Balance Moisturizing Complex on those with a more oily complexion. Hydra Dew Moisturizing Day Cream was also used on the makeup palette so the brush would soak up less foundation and leave more for the skin, Repêchage Vice President Siri Sarfati explained to me.

Makeup stayed in tune with the rock 'n' roll theme, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Director of Artistic Relations Valerie Hernandez created a heavy eye and a dark, stained lip. The upper eyelid was kept clean but the top lashes received multiple layers of mascara. All the attention was paid to the bottom lid, with heavy black eyeliner plus a mauve color to smoke out the eye; multi-colored royal blues were used to accentuate the smokiness. For the lip, Hernandez first washed it out with foundation. “Diego wanted a stained wine lip, like they’ve been drinking all night long,” she told me, so she dabbed a dark stain in the inner center of the lip. Models posed at the gallery to the live music by punk-influenced stadium rock band F-Units.


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