Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 NYC: Kimberly Ovitz

For Kimberly Ovitz's Fall 2013 collection, filled with colorful prints and inspired by "animals and insects with defense mechanisms," the hair and makeup look followed suit with strong elements. "Think of a squid when it's attacked," said Antoinette Beenders, lead stylist and Aveda global creative director.

To create the look, Beenders parted hair down the center, separated into two equal sections and prepped with several pumps of Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam for shine. She brushed the right side into a pigtail on the top of the head and secured with a long piece of millinery elastic. Using more Phomollient Styling Foam and a spritz of Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray, she used a "hair corsetry" technique to wrap the elastic in a criss-cross pattern around the ponytail to the end, wrapping very tightly to secure. Beenders then manipulated the ponytail into a wave by pulling hair out at the sides down the length. She repeated the technique with the left side, starting with a slightly lower pigtail. She secured the pigtails to the head with pins, wrapping the left over the top of head and the right down and around the ear to frame the face. Another misting of Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray, Beenders' favorite, completed the "shield of hair."

Gina B, lead stylist for M.A.C, created a pared down and severe beauty look to match. The key product, Coffee Walnut sculpting cream, was applied and blended in the inner corner of the eye and below the cheekbone. She muted the pink tones on lips with concealer and added a bit of clear mascara to complete the tough, street look. —Jennifer Barnes


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