Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011: Rachel Roy

French inspiration reigned supreme backstage at the Rachel Roy presentation in the Lincoln Center Library. Lead Hair for Redken Bok-Hee created a simply sophisticated, European-inspired twist to complement the rich pieces in bright blue, magenta and an array of mixed patterns in Roy’s Spring 2011 collection. She said the style should look effortless, “a woman can get her hair done in a salon and the next day she can just put it up herself.” To create the relaxed updo, Bok-Hee blew out hair with Redken Rootful 06 and Full Frame 07 and pulled a section of hair at the nape of the neck into a sleek low ponytail with a spritz of Workforce 09. She then loosely gathered the rest of hair into the low ponytail, secured and twisted hair "like a pretzel, a more elongated twist and folded in half." Bok-Hee pinned hair in place and misted with Forceful 23 to finish.

Lead Makeup Bobby Brown designed a “French twist of a natural makeup look” with thick black gel liner applied like eye shadow with a wide brush and luminescent skin. “The natural face looks beautiful,” Brown said.

To top off the morning amidst the flurry of activity; when models scurried into place, a bustling crowd formed outside the Library and photographers grappled for the best shot; diminutive Bok-Hee stood on a chair to touch up the twists on platform-wearing models. —Jennifer Barnes

French-natural makeup look

Bok-Hee's finished updo

Bok-Hee touches up models.