Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 NYC: The Blonds

It was all about the blonde for The Blonds Spring/Summer 2014 collection, starting with the Original Blonde, Tweety Bird. With inspirations coming from all blondes, including Barbarella, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Marie Antoinette, the idea of intergalatic vulcan princess was also at the forefront of this innovative collection with hair by Nick Irwin for TIGI Professional, makeup by Kabuki for MAC Cosmetics and nails by The Blonds' longtime collaborator CND.

For the make up, Kabuki kept the lips simple and nude while the eyes popped with dramatic brows and intense yellow lids lined in bright blue, mimicking Tweety's flirty peepers.

The nails encompassed an array of intricate designs, all perfectly handmade by CND artists that took hours for the making and included everything from meteorites to Tweety Birds' eyes and even a bionic nail that opened up to reveal machinery and wheels.


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Hair How-To:

1. Prep hair with CATWALK by TIGI Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray and flat iron to ensure a smooth, sleek finish.
2. Tightly pull hair into a ponytail at the crown, securing with an elastic while setting with CATWALK by TIGI Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray for a lacquered shine and CATWALK by TIGI Session Series Finishing Spray for hold.
3. Next, style the ponytail three-plait braid and tightly twist into a bun, securing with pins.
4. Then, carefully place the head piece over the bun and secure with pins, setting the final look with additional CATWALK by TIGI Session Series Finishing Spray.
5. Spray the sides of the head with CATWALK by TIGI Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray so the sides of the head have the same hi-shine finish as the head piece.