Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 NYC: Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing’s Spring 2014 collection drew inspiration from nineties summer grunge. Editorial stylist and Oribe Hair Care educator Ramona Eschbach wanted to play off of the designer’s inspiration when creating the hair. “This is my third season with Jeremy Laing, and we’re always trying to do something new but in the same spirit as past shows,” Eschbach said. “He always likes the hair to be natural, nothing too contrived or overdone.” For the show, she wanted to create a small flat head shape with a sea-salt grungy texture. 

For the girls, Eschbach first sprayed Oribe Foundation Mist to the entire head than used her hands to create natural waves. She misted Oribe Après Beach to enhance shine and add texture and dimension. After prepping the hair, she made a horizontal part at the occipital bone then clipped the upper section so that it wouldn’t get in the way. She began by creating a small French braid going across the head at the occipital bone then unclipped the top section and brushed it over the braid. When flattening the head, she clipped the hair on the back of the head down flat to the skull then sewed an elastic string into the hair by weaving in and out on either side through the French braid in order to secure the hair to the head.

For the guys, Eschbach sprayed Oribe Foundation Mist to the hair then used her hands to create natural waves followed by Après Beach for added texture and shine.


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- Cristina Goodwin