Mercedes-Benz Spring '10 Fashion Week: Rodarte

At Rodarte, lead stylist for Aveda Odile Gilbert created an edgy yet organic look, with matte, roughed-up hair pinned away from the face in a braidlike cascade and wrapped in a thin veil of black wool that echoed the collection’s knits and textures. "We wanted to create something a bit poetic," Gilbert told me. "It was inspired by someone who would be found in the woods."

To get the look, Gilbert dampened hair with water and prepped it with Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam to add volume, then blow-dried the hair, scrunching it with her fingers. Next she sprinkled Pure Abundance Hair Potion generously on the hair to create matte, roughed-up texture throughout, then blow-dried the hair again, spraying it liberally with Air Control Hair Spray for workable hold. Finally, Gilbert twisted the sides of hair back, secured them at ear-level with black hair pins and spread a piece of natural wool delicately over the hair, pinning it securely in place. Air Control Hair Spray held the look in place.

The makeup was equally striking. James Kaliardos for M.A.C put the emphasis on the lips, applying M.A.C Beet Lip Pencil to the center of the lips for a reddish-wine stain. He then mixed Black Lip Mix and Fast Response Eye Cream and precisely outlined the Beet Lip Pencil for a soft-edged, transparent and full lip. Eyes were simple, with eyelashes curled and just a little Bone Beige Sculpting Powder brushed into the socket and under the eye to slightly contour. Face and Body Foundation was applied to the skin for a transparent, matte finish. The striking tribal art geometric tattoo makeup seen on models' arms and necks was the work of M.A.C's Chantel Miller.

To complete the look, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann painted nails with a black polish embedded with sequins for a textural effect, finishing with a supershiny top coat.


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