Mercedes-Benz Spring ’12 Fashion Week NYC: Jen Kao

For the Jen Kao spring 2012 show, the beauty inspiration was all about giving grunge a more polished look. Inspired by Tank Girl, lead hairstylist Peter Gray for Cutler designed a look that was tough but feminine and centered around individuality. Gray created soft, messy knots that were placed in various locations on the models' heads and added some color with tiny braids in the back that seemed to anchor the knots in place. To get the look, Gray applied Redken Full Frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse on the mid-lengths to ends as a base. He then created ponytails by separating the hair into two sections (leaving just a bit out at the nape for the braids), brushing one section into a perfect ponytail and then adding the hair from the second section to it. He then pulled the hair through in a loose knot. Gray then formed two small, perfectly tight braids at the nape, infusing them with color by braiding various colors of thread into them, and then brought them up to meet the knot.He brushed stray hairs into place with Fashion Works 12.

CND's Wanda Ruiz went for a "lethal love" feel with the nails, which had an ombre effect. The nails were black on the bottom to symbolize the dark side of love and then diffused into a brighter shade to show the more fun and playful parts of attraction. The colors used were Anchor Blue, Rough Red, Green Scene and Midnight Sapphire.

Global Makeup Artist for Maybelline Charlotte Willer continued the glammed-up grunge theme with beautifully arched brows, eyelids that featured a sheer wash of color and gilded corners, orange cheeks and bright lips of orange and red.


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