Mercedes-Benz Spring ’12 Fashion Week NYC: Victoria Beckham

For Victoria Beckham’s spring show at the New York Public Library's Astor Hall, Redken Creative Consultant Guido designed a hairstyle to identify an independent, sophisticated woman, or as he put it, Catherine Deneuve with added masculinity. “The clothes are super rich and super simple,” Guido said, so he aimed for a clean look of combined textures that was strong yet classic.  The center of hair was tightly gelled back, with tons of Redken Hardwear and a fine-toothed comb, into a silver clip behind the crown of the head. Hair was pressed down to keep a neat appearance. “The forehead is the beauty of it,” Guido said, so the collected section of hair was wide to make the forehead look big. Glass Panel was painted on the top section for an added glossy and crispy look. The strands that fell next to the face received more Hardwear to keep the front shiny and sharp.

“I needed to break the clean lines,” Guido said, which is where the messy texture for the bottom half of hair came into play. Thickening Lotion was added to the remaining hair for a rough texture, and was carefully blow-dried so that it gain too much volume. “It’s a sophisticated look, but the roughness of the down hair gives a younger look,” he said. A misting of Hairspray 23 and Guts 10 was used on the bottom for a matte texture, not hold.

Lancôme did makeup, and aimed to create a handsome girl, focusing on perfect skin, strong brows and limited eye makeup. After trying many different polishes, Butter London chose to buff nails to a natural shine for a clean look. —Kristen Heinzinger


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