Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week: Creatures of the Wind

Creatures of the Wind latest collection includes inspiration from the LA skater (tom)boy that meets 90’s grunge, so Bumble and bumble’s hair lead Anthony Turner decided to create a ripe, relaxed, very real style. “I wanted it to feel touchable, like you can feel it. We didn’t want it to take away because sometimes when you do things that are too conceptual, it can take away from the clothes and the actual girl, and that’s what’s important,” Turner says. Going with a very feminine, very beautiful look, he wanted to play against the floral collection and give the hair a bit of attitude and mood. He believes this style really adds reality to the collection.

“She needs to feel young, more downtown, a bit more cool and she needs a bit of attitude, so I kind of went into my mind with all those things that I love and the designers in mind and I asked them, ‘What if they look like skater girls?’” Turner asked, and the designers loved the idea.

For this 90's half-in-half-out gym style, begin by dampening hair and applying Thickening Full Form Mousse. After hair is semi-dry, spray a light mist of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray over the top of the head to create a matte effect. Once hair is completely dry, spritz Thickening Dryspun Finish and rake with fingers. Pulling the hair back very messy and loosely into a low ponytail, secure with a holder, and only tuck half the hair into the holder. Gently pulling random pieces out by the ears and under the tail so that strands look naturally free-falling from the tail and spray with Classic Hairspray.

“If the girls have shorter hair, doing hair extensions just didn’t feel right or necessary, so as long as every girl has the same texture and her hair texture marries her to the other girls, I’m fine with that because I’m not trying to make every girl look generic or the exact same," Turner says.

For nails, Katie Jane Hughes created a very organic, healthy, summery element that involved playing off the natural fabric textures in the collection. “When I think about silver and gold, I really tie them back to jewelry a bit,” Hughes says. She began with a Butter London Nail 999 Rescue Basecoat to get the nails looking healthy, almost like a BB coat for the nail. This basecoat also dries semi-matt which adds some texture to start. Secondly, she applied Nail Lacquer Vernis and taking most of the polish off the brush, she touched the tips of the nails, skimming it up the nail slightly, then blotted with her finger for a transition fade. Next, she added a metallic silver, again taking off most of the lacquer on the brush and pulling it up to give a soft subtle upward fade.