Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week: Houghton

For the Houghton collection, Adam Markarian for Oribe says, “This style is made to be slightly like a throwback to the 90’s for the collection with a clean boyfriend center part that is super straight.” For the look, he used Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray, Shine Light Reflecting Spray and Superfine Strong Hair Spray. Adam created a clean center part and blow dried everything very straight section by section, tucking everything behind the ears to make the hair look sleek like glass. The hair ends up being very minimal and clean, he says.

The “Walk of Shame” collection is themed around boyfriend silohuettes, with a large manly shirt look, like the clothes a woman grabs from the guy as she’s walking out the door.

Nails were led by OPI key artist for the show, Miss Pop, who was locked on the mens wear inspiration. She wanted a very understated top coat with a clean buff look and a touch of sparkle to one of the nails on each hand. The point of varying sparkle on each model (black or pearl) is to represent remanents of the night before, which are stacked either one, two or three crystals high, depending on the model.

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