Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week: Maria Ke Fisherman

Among the chaos backstage at Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 2015 collection, Catwalk by TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin was calm, cool and welcoming. He complimented the designer’s collection was which was inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city,” by creating a strong, symmetric braided look with a hip-hop vibe. The braids were very intricate and detailed, taking at least one hour to create. Here Nick provides the step-by-step:

First he created a one-inch section of hair at the center, starting at the hairline all the way to the nape. He secured side sections away, leaving the center panel for braiding. He then braided the center section of the hair using the cornrow method from front to back and transitioning into a 3-strand technique when reaching the nape. He secured the hair at the very end with an elastic and folded the braid up onto itself. He divided each side into two sections and sprayed with Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray, creating a lacquer effect and combing through to smooth flyaways. He fastened the hair with a clear elastic into a ponytail in front of the ear and then 3-strand braided through to the ends. Nick then divided the remaining hair on either side, into two horizontal sections creating triangular segments of hair, applying Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray and cornrowed each of the four segments, starting at the hairline and continuing into a 3-strand braid when reaching the part. He finished off by folding the braids unto themselves, securing with pins and spraying Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready Shine Spray.


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