Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week: SUNO

For SUNO’s latest collection, Georgia O’Keeffe was the inspiration for the makeup, nails and hair alike. O’Keeffe is best recognized for not dressing for men, but dressing for herself and Alice Lane of Maybelline wanted to mimic O’Keefe’s natural beauty, even as she aged.

“If you look at a photo of Georgia O’Keeffe as an older woman, your attention goes straight to her eyes, not the wrinkles on her face,” Lane says. “What inspires me about this makeup look is that a 16-year-old would wear it and at the same time, so could a 60-year-old woman.”

For the look, she used Maybelline Red Revivial Lipstick and Electric Orange, making the lips look dewey and soft, which seems to be a trend on several of the runways for 2015 spring/summer. “Nothing I’ve seen so far this season has toughness to it,” Lane says. The key to this makeup look is placing the blush very high on the cheek. “It’ll scare you at first applying it because it’s really high, but it’s based on this one model in the show who has that high cheek naturally,” Lane says. The secret to creating a successful high cheek look involves not putting too much concealer (she used Maybelline's BB Cream) right under the eye, but under the sides of the eyelid only. Otherwise, the blush will will run into the concealer and it’ll become too muddy and won’t appear fresh, Lane adds.


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For the hair, lead Kerastase artist Odile Gilbert created a very shiney and caged style, with sleeked back sides. For the look, she began with dry hair and divided the hair for a sharp part. She lathered on Forme Fatala only to the crown of the head for the wet look and then combed it backward in a waved direction. For the fishtail, three sections were divided and involved bridging the strands over and under each other. She gently pulled the cage apart to add width and volume and finished with Laque Noire and Gloss Appeal for a summer dry look.

Nails were by Honey, who mixed a deep royal blue with a white by Maybelline to create a specific periwinkle glaze for all of the models.