Millennium Systems Launches #DearHairStylist Campaign

Millennium Systems International, creators of Millennium and Meevo salon & spa software, have been busy working on a new initiative to showcase the deep connections consumers have with their hairstylists.  “It’s so important to bring to light and recognize the deep connections that we have with our hairstylist,” said Millennium’s Marketing Director, Jen Martinelli.  “I personally have been through proms, a wedding day, my daughter and son’s first haircut; all with my hair stylist by my side.”

The campaign starts with a grassroots effort by interviewing real people and real experiences in salons.  Its purpose is to bring awareness to everyone, everywhere that beauty professionals play a very significant role in all of our lives. Happy moments, sad moments, and even in moments of feeling lost or confused, hairstylists are the consistent rock making us look and feel beautiful, confident, ready to take on the world. 

“Confidence is everything.  It can mean landing a job, or picking up the pieces after a tragedy, or fighting through an illness,” continues Jen Martinelli.  “You can’t buy confidence. Beauty professionals everywhere are making our lives more beautiful… in every sense of that word.”


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Millennium Systems International has released its first video of the campaign today and it’s promising to be a tearjerker for everyone. One interviewee talks about the comfort she received from her hair stylist, “when my grandson passed away, when he was seven….  and I called her.”   

John Harms, Millennium S.I. Founder and CEO, chimes in about the campaign, “Yes, we are a software company, but our 2016 campaign will be dedicated to the people we serve. The people who, across the world, make people feel beautiful. The people who are changing lives. Every. Single. Day.” 

The goal of the campaign is to hit home with consumers while showing love and appreciation to beauty professionals everywhere.  Millennium Systems International is hoping to spread the word by sharing their grassroots video via social media.          

#DearHairStylist.  Thank you.

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Millennium Systems International will also release a 30-second commercial showcasing this concept that is slated to air on TLC in mid-March. Watch the video here: 

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