Mixed Greens

1. Nauti Gear
Don't choose paper or plastic—get your own bag for toting groceries. This one from Nauti Gear is made of recycled sailcloth from America's Cup boats and cruising yachts. nautigear.net

2. Acca Kappa
For over a century, H. Krull & Co. has manufactured and distributed the Acca Kappa brand. The hair brush shown here features a wooden handle and extra-soft natural bristles. accakappa.com

3. Hempz
Hempz Sandalwood and Apple Herbal Body Scrub contains finely crushed hemp seeds and micro-exfoliating beads to polish the skin. hempzproducts.com

4. Aveda
Like all of Aveda's Lip Shine colors, Ligonberry contains a patented berry/lipid moisture complex, a blend of organic bilberry, blueberry, cranberry and algae extract. aveda.com

5. BleuBay
BleuBay's aromatherapy candles are ideally suited to your healthy lifestyle. They're made of pure essential oils, food-grade waxes and eco-friendly cotton wicks. 800/535-0705

6. Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Body Bar exfoliates with natural parsley flakes. A portion of the sales of Tea Tree products will help the nonprofit group American Forests plant more trees. paulmitchell.com

7. Korres
The organic Korres Wild Rose Mask is made of active plant extracts. The Greek company is committed to delivering products that are environmentally friendly and safe. korres.com

1. John Masters Organics
John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray contains essential oil of lavender. The percentage of organic ingredients in every product in the line ranges from about 65 to 100 percent. johnmasters.com

2. Davines
Davines Dede Delicate Ritual Shampoo and Replenishing Mist contain carrot extract to boost cell metabolism for stronger hair. davines.com

3. Nexxus Phyto Organics
Sea Swell Ocean Air Texture Mist from Nexxus Phyto Organics, with marine minerals and seaweed extract, is designed to recreate the texture experienced in hair after a day at the beach. phytoorganics.com

4. Simply Organic
Simply Organic Everyday Hair and Scalp Rinse gently conditions all hair types hair. The key ingredient is olive leaf extract. Other herbal ingredients include honey, jasmine oil, lemon peel and white nettle extract. simplyorganicbeauty.com

5. Aetó Botanica
Aetó Botanica Fortifying Oil is infused with antioxidants to restore softness and shine. The company uses ingredients such as bamboo, yucca, olive and jojoba that have been utilized since ancient times to treat skin and scalp disorders. oloffbeauty.com

6. WEN
WEN Cleansing Conditioners by Chaz Dean are created with a balance of herbs and all-natural ingredients to cleanse and condition hair. WEN products are made without the use of detergents, chemicals, sodium laurel or sulfates. chazdeanstudio.com

7. Phyto
Phytopolléine is a 100-percent botanical pre-shampoo treatment that stimulates hair growth. Phyto was founded on a philosophy of hair ecology, meaning respect for hair and nature. phyto.com

1. Innersense
Pure Essential Hair Bath is derived from the fatty acids of apricots and natural plant sources. Innersense products contain the highest quality, certified-organic ingredients and are free of petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances. innersensebeauty.com

2. PureOlogy
PureOlogy Reconstruct Repair improves hair's condition, color vibrancy and vitality. The company eschews sulfates and uses the purest essential oils. pureology.com

3. ABBA Haircare
Moisture Scentsation Shampoo and Conditioner from ABBA nourish dry hair with amino acids, wheat and soy proteins, and extracts of evening primrose and comfrey. abbahaircare.com

4. Belegenza
IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser from industry newcomer Belegenza utilizes a vitamin-and antioxidant-rich formula with a sea-extract base. Founded by hairstylist Keith Eschenburg, the company offers silicone-and chemical-free hair products formulated with organic ingredients, such as olive oil, aloe and seal kelp. belegenza.com

5. P2
Age De Phy Rejuvenating Shampoo from Philip Pelusi's P2 haircare line is infused with organic herbs and eco-friendly, nonparaben preservatives. All P2 products are loaded with botanicals and extracts, such as lemon, date fruit, green tea and aloe leaf extracts. philippelusi.com

6. International Hair & Beauty Systems
Organic Curl Systems, available through International Hair & Beauty Systems, contains no ammonia, which allows the hairdresser to perm the hair without damaging its structure. organiccoloursystems.com

7. Modern Organic Products (MOP)
The new C-System Firm Finish Strong Hold Hair Spray from MOP (Modern Organic Products) offers the performance of an aerosol in a VOC-free spray that has zero environmental impact. mopproducts.com

When Maria Sigman opened Salon Echo in Chicago, she went all out to make it environmentally friendly. "I felt that if I could create a salon using reclaimed, nontoxic and renewable materials then I would create a more healthy environment and leave less of an imprint on the earth," Sigman says. She used recycled vinyl flooring in the salon, with a rubber underlay made from 100-percent, post-consumer tire rubber. She used paints with low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can emit gases that damage air quality. Even the work surfaces she chose were constructed from a sustainable material: grass. Increasingly, eco-minded salon owners like Sigman are choosing to build salons that are green, meaning they have less impact on the environment than conventional salons. In fact, salons can be green on many different levels, from the lighting down to the nitty-gritty details, like how waste is discarded. "It's really up to each salon owner how green they want to go, depending on what they can afford and what elements they have control over," says Jan Tribbey, vice president of planning and design for Aveda.

 An abundance of natural light at the Aveda Tokyo Lifestyle Salon & Spa cuts down on the need for energy-consuming artifi cial lights.
An abundance of natural light at the Aveda Tokyo Lifestyle Salon & Spa cuts down on the need for energy-consuming artifi cial lights.

Aveda's corporate offices, corporately owned stores, institutes, and flagship salons and spas are all built to various levels of green. The newest Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Madrid, Spain, uses a technology that cleans wastewater from shampoo bowls and then reuses that water, called "gray water," in the toilets. "It's the first commercial space in Madrid to do this," Tribbey says.

While building a green salon may cost more initially, most experts agree that it's a financially viable decision, since incorporating green elements is likely to save money in the long-term, and help save the environment, too. "We know the savings are there," says Tribbey, who adds that interested salon owners should raise sustainability issues up front with their architect or interior designer. Sigman used an interior designer and builder who were both knowledgeable about sustainable building.

The pedicure room at Chicago's Salon Echo is decorated with "found" items from secondhand stores. The fabric is made from recycled soda bottles and the sinks are topped with reclaimed granite.
The pedicure room at Chicago's Salon Echo is decorated with "found" items from secondhand stores. The fabric is made from recycled soda bottles and the sinks are topped with reclaimed granite.

In general, here are a few things salon owners should consider if they want to take the green route when opening a salon:

  • Location Matters The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) guidelines for green building recommend building in existing urban locales rather than expanding into suburban areas, in order to conserve land. "While this may not be practical for every salon owner," says Tribbey, "it's more environmentally friendly to rehab an existing space instead of building a new one."
  • Source Smartly Use biodegradable, recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible; it helps reduce the amount of waste entering landfills. Also, try to ensure your materials are sourced within a 35-mile radius to cut fossil fuel consumption and help improve air quality.
  • Light the Way By using energy-efficient lighting you not only conserve energy, but you also save money in the long run, especially with the increasingly high costs of utilities and fuel.
  • Use Foresight Incorporate fixtures made of glass and stainless steel; they are easy to dismantle, which means more of the basic material can be recycled if the salon were to move, remodel or close. Plus, glass offers infinite reuse potential. —CARRIE WATSON

For more information on green building, visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Web site at epa.gov/greenbuilding.